Welcome to Darun-Na'im an Institute of Higher Islamic Learning.

The website is currently under going a makeover... so please check back here again.

History and Purpose

The Darun-Na’im Islamic and Arabic Institute was established and began enrolment on the 16th January 2002 under the name Yusufiyah Islamic & Arabic Institute. The Yusufiyah Masjid in Wynberg served as the first home for the institute. In March 2003 the institute moved to Darun – Na’im Masjid Wynberg and changes its name to reflect its new location.

The Institute began with one staff member, Maulana Allie Goder, who served as both lecturer and principal. In the following year and additional lecturer Maulana Zakariya was employed to accommodate the second year class.

The Purpose of the Institute is to educate an Umah which is accurately informed and dedicated to the practise of Islam through authentic knowledge of Quran and Sunnah.

“Who judges with other than what Allah and His Messenger have decreed has gone astray.”

Darun-Naim Institutes

Alhamdulilah over the years, Darun - Naim has grown with a few sister schools opening up accross the peninsula. Darun - Naim now also has a Montesorri based pre - school as well as a girls only high school.

Darun-Naim Institute
Learn to understand the Holy Quran as you are reading it within one year through a tried and tested method
Darun -Naim has a Tahfith al Quran Division
Offering full-time memorisation of the Holy Quran

Darun Na'im Girls High School
The Darun Na'im Girls High School follows the curriculum as outlined by the Western Cape Education Department (WCED)
Darun-Naim Islamic Pre-School
The Darun-Naim Islamic Pre-School offers your child a reliable and safe and Islamic enviroment within the montesorri schooling system.

Darun-Naim Lin-Nisa
Darun Na'im launched it's first sister school in 2010 at the Nurul-Islam Masjid in Addison Road, Salt River
Darun-Na'im lil Ummahat
Darun-Na'im lil Ummahat offers women the opportunity to understand the Quran in a manner that allows them to comfortably continue fulfilling their responsibilities as mothers and wives.

Darun - Na'im li-Zuhur
Towards meeting Allah with a sound heart

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65 Castletown Road Wynberg
Tel: 021 761 5332

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