Darun-Naim Girls' High School

Striving for Excellence in Spirituality, Morality and Education

Darun-Naim Girls' High School has been established to fullfill the needs of the youth of the ummah which could not be met by the secular schooling system in the country and to give Muslim children the opportunity to learn and to practice their faith in a school environment. The Code of Conduct is aimed at protecting the rights and defining the duties of learners at the school.

The best among you are those who have the best manners and character.

- Sahih al-Bukhari -  


  • To develop a generation that is Allah-loving and Allah-fearing and who will, Insha- Allah, be successful in this life and in the Hereafter.
  • To provide quality education and academic excellence based on sound Islamic teachings.
  • To help learners grow with conviction and appreciation for their own culture and to respect that of others.
  • To promote and encourage self-esteem of learners.
  • To compliment the efforts of parents whose primary duty is to train and educate their children at home in the most befitting manner so that they may become good Muslims and to encourage harmony, unity and mutual understanding between learners, parents, educators, the school and society around them.
  • To have a holistic approach to imparting knowledge and education based on the understanding that knowledge for a Muslim is not divided into religious and secular studies and to lead learners to develop balanced, pleasant personalities and to view spiritual and everyday life as one unit.
  • We follow the South African curriculum & offer all learning areas required by the WCED.
  • The school setting is idyllic and conducive to learning and privacy for our young women.
  • Our educators are extremely dedicated and are well qualified and experienced.
  • They have a deep love for Islam and serve as excellent role-models for our girls.

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15 Mars Road Wynberg

Tel: 021 761 5331
Fax: 021 761 5331
Cell: 074 105 2679


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Upcoming Events

10 April
  Start 2nd Term

13 April
    Report Hand-out (via email)
    Sport’s Day

19 April
  UCT Maths Olympiad

11 May
  Art Show

14 & 15 May
   Parents / Teacher Interview

17 May
  Ramadhan begins

1 June
  Exam Begins

15 / 16 June
  Eid ul Fitr

22 June
  June Exams End
  End 2nd Term

Matric Winter School
    25 June till 29 June


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