About Us

Our Mission

At Darun-Na’im Institute of Higher Islamic Learning, we educate our students using authentic knowledge taken from The Holy Qur’an and The Sunnah of Rasulullah SAW.

We aim to equip all of our students with the ability to recite and translate the meanings The Holy Qur’an via our 1st Year and Online Courses. After our students have completed the translation of the meanings of the entire Qur’an during their 1st Year or Online Course, our students starts their journey through the various disciplines within Islamic studies. In our 2nd Year Course we cover the foundational aspects of Islamic belief and practices that is essential for every Muslim, giving our students a comprehensive understanding of Islam.

Students who apply themselves in their 1st Year acquire the skill of understanding the meanings of The Holy Qur’an as they are reciting it from the Qur’anic Arabic text.

DNaim Minaret

Our Vision

At Darun-Na’im Institute of Higher Islamic Learning, our vision is that The Holy Qur’an must reach the heart of every single person, wherever they may be.

Through our 1st Year and Online Courses we strive to achieve a standard, where everyone understands the meanings of The Holy Qur’an directly from the Qur’anic Arabic text.

And through our 2nd Year Course, we aim to equip every believer with adequate authentic Islamic knowledge to live a life that is pleasing to Allah SWT.

Our History

1st Masjid

The Yusufiyah Masjid in Wynberg served as the first home for the institute.

The Institute was established and began enrolment on the 16th January 2002 under the name Yusufiyah Islamic and Arabic Institute.

darun naim

New Location

In March 2003, the Institute moved to the Darun-Na’im Masjid in Wynberg and changed its name to Darun-Na’im Institute of Higher Islamic Learning to reflect its new location.

 The Institute began with one staff member, Moulana Allie Goder, who served as both lecturer and principal. 


. In the following year an additional lecturer was employed to accommodate the second year class, and over the years grew along with its amount of students.

Darun-Na’im currently has a staff compliment of eleven, comprising of five full time lecturers, three class assistants, two admin staff and one caretaker.


Darun-Na’im is overseen and administered by four committee members (who are also the founder members)