Online Course (1 Year)

  • Course level: All Levels

Course Description:

Allah (SWT) says in The Holy Qur’an:

So will they not ponder over The Qur’an, and if it was revealed by other than Allah (SWT), they would definitely find abundant contradictions in it. [Surah An-Nisaa:82]

It is every Muslim’s desire to recite The Holy Qur’an with understanding. However, for many, due to real-life situations it is not always possible to commit to a full-time course. 

Our new Online offering to learn to recite The Holy Qur’an with understanding now makes this dream accessible to everyone. 

Our online course is essentially streaming our 1st Year Qur’an course live. Every day, every lesson is accessible no matter where you are in the world, you will be able to join us and sit in, as we all take this journey through the meanings of The Holy Qur’an.

All streamed lessons are recorded and uploaded to the dashboard on the website; this allows our students to continuously revisit lessons; whether they want to revise or catch up on something they missed, as they retain access to these recordings throughout the year.

Another benefit of having access to these recordings is that you are able to complete the course at your own pace.

Don’t delay! Start your journey in understanding the personal letter Allah (SWT) has addressed to you, The Holy Qur’an.


1. Nahw – Grammar
2. Sarf – Verbal Conjugation
3. Reader
4. Qur’an

Classes Start 1st February 2021

R250.00  Registration Fee

Material Includes

  • Live Streamed Video Lessons
  • Lessons are Recorded
  • Textbooks Provided (PDF)
  • Course Content/PDF


  • No prior knowledge of translating the Arabic language needed
  • The ability to read the letters and/or words of the Qur’an at a basic level
  • Your own writing material is required for taking notes.
  • Classes are Monday-Thursday
  • Class Times: 8:15am -12:50pm

Fee Structure

  • Once-Off Registration Fee: R 250.00
  • Total Annual Tuition Fees: R 4800.00
  • Payment Options: R400/month over 12 months or by arrangement