Getting Ready for Live Lessons

If you have registered for our new Online Course, then this post is very important to you. In this post we will explain the set-up you will need in order to partake in our live lessons. Don’t worry, everything will be explained step-by-step with images to assist you along the way.

All our live lessons are conducted via Microsoft Teams. As such anyone who wishes to receive the link to join must be a apart of our Teams group. and therefore needs a Microsoft account. If you don’t understand anything that is being said then don’t panic. Simply follow our step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Sign-up for our Online Course

The first step is the most obvious one. If you have not yet signed up for our Online Course then navigate to the “Courses” button as shown above. Thereafter select our Online Course.

Once you have selected our Online Course, click “Sign-Up” and “Proceed to Check Out” paying for the registration of the course according to you preferred payment method. (EFT or via PayFast).

Step 2: Setting up Microsoft Teams

One you have registered to our Online Course, we will add you to our group on Microsoft Teams. Don’t worry if you don’t have a Microsoft account. You should still receive an email like in the image above. Simply click the button “Open Microsoft Teams“.

Step 3: Creating a Microsoft Account

Most of this sections is for those who do not have a Microsoft account yet. If you already created a Microsoft account, then skip to Step 4.

If you have not created a Microsoft account with your registered email, or if you are unsure, then follow the simple steps below.

Microsoft will automatically pick up that you do not have and account and will therefore create one for you. Click “Next“.

You are now required to create a password for your new account. This password will be used when logging on to Microsoft teams. Your email address will be your Username. Once you have chosen your password, click “Next“.

You will now be prompted to enter a security code to verify that you own the email address. Simply open the email from Microsoft, enter the 4-digit code. An example of the email is given below. Once the code is typed in , click “Next“.

The email with your security code looks like the image above. Simply type in that 4-digit code as mentioned before and click “Next

Microsoft will now verify that you are not a robot. Click “Next

This is one example of verification used. Simply rotate the animal so that it is standing up correctly as shown above.

The second means of verification is typing in a letter and number combination given by Microsoft. Simply type in the letters and numbers in order from left to right, the 1st row, then the 2nd row in one line.

Once completed click “Done“. You have now successfully created a Microsoft Account.

Step 4: Joining Our Microsoft Teams Group

Once signed-in with your Microsoft account, you will be prompted to join our group on Microsoft Teams. Click “Accept

You are now ready to use Microsoft Teams. You can use Microsoft Teams via your browser, phone app, or you could download the windows app.

Step 5: Using Microsoft Teams

There are 3 main sections under the “Teams” tab. “General“, “Live Lessons” and “Questions and Answers

Announcements, worksheets and all other information will be shared here.

Live Lessons:
Meeting links are posted here for students to join.

Questions and Answers:
Certain questions asked during a live lesson will be answered and posted here.

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