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Brief History and Administrative Structure

The Darun-Na’im Islamic and Arabic Institute was established and began enrolment on the 16th January 2002 under the name Yusufiyah Islamic & Arabic Institute. The Yusufiyah Masjid in Wynberg served as the first home for the institute. In March 2003 the institute moved to Darun – Na’im Masjid Wynberg and changed its name to reflect its new location. 

The Institute began with one staff member, Maulana Allie Goder, who served as both lecturer and principal. In the following year an additional lecturer was employed to accommodate the second year class. Darun Naim currently has a staff compliment of sixteen comprising of six full time lecturers, 5 class assistants, three admin staff and two caretakers.

Darun Naim is overseen and administered by four committee members (who are also the founder members) and three trustees.

Vision and Purpose

  • to make authentic essential Islamic knowledge accessible and attractive.
  • to make understanding the Quran from the Arabic language the standard for all muslims
  • to initiate and co-ordinate welfare outreach endeavours.
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